Project Brief : Finding Encouragement for Performance based storytelling.

Finding En-Courage-ment for Performance based storytelling.

Abstract: The project aims at providing the required “courage” to new performers or seasoned ones, trying to start a new method of performance to tell stories. My aim here is “not to help” anyone with their work, rather, to “make it possible” for them to do their work. To find the real courage and to en-courage them to find the will to grow and adapt to the changes.

“The real magic of discovery lies not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes” ~ Marcel Proust

Stories and Performance :

Even the simplest and most static of human cultures is an engine of inventive mutual influence and change. Stories have been part of us ever since our very existence, even before humans developed written and oral language.
My journey began with looking into modes of storytelling available and also the tools that we have developed over a period of time to enhance the overall impact and experience of the same.
Stories can be told through acting, dancing, still images, orally, songs, sonnets, novels or other methods.


In dramaturgical sense a narrative is a specific manifestation of a story, it’s the choice of which events to relate and in what order to relate them.
A narrative may tell a story in chronological order or it may not, but even a story told backwards is still the same story.

a story, is an illusion created by narrative.

A story consists of narrated events; events consist of actions carried out by characters; there is conflict involved; one and the same story may be told in different ways, that is, have varying narratives.


Performance is a physical and mental construction that performer makes, in a space in front of audience, and then the energy dialogue happens. The audience and the artist together create the work.

There is the world of a difference between reading a book and watching live-performance storytelling.Reading is solitary activity, where the words would form a narrative and the experience is in the imaginations of the reader.
Contrary to that, the experience of storytelling is characterised by the co-presence of artist and audience, often in interaction with each other, it is Self with Others.

Mediated and Immediate

The fundamental difference between actual storytelling and the other arts that have become the more widespread means of expression for the narrative or dramaturgical impulse in the West is that arts such as writing, filmmaking and computer game design are all “mediated”, while storytelling is “immediate”.  –  Coilín Oh-Aissieux
What it means is that while a novel, film , game, etc are all distributed and then experienced through a medium, which maybe a book, DVD, Computer, etc.
While storytelling being immediated is a direct communication between the performer and the audience.

Performance based Storytelling

Performance based Storytelling involves both the audience and the artist in a mutual contract in which both agree to be present together.

A performance is immaterial. After a performance is over all you are left with is just memories. And if you miss a performance all you can get is a story, a narration of someones memory.

During my last 6 months in Delhi trying to gain some understanding of performers and performances, one thing was appeared that performance of any kind, musical, dance, drama etc are all psycho-physical. The training was an inseparable part of growth and no technology or shortcut can ever replace it.
But their could be ways developed that lets one find the necessary courage to stay en-couraged to continue their training and create their piece of art.

Street Performance in India:

Streets are public spaces, thousands of people pass through it everyday. A piece of art on street has potential to start a conversation. Just about anything placed in public can’t be called public art. If the audience of that art, fails to find a connect with the piece then the art has failed its purpose. The purpose of any art, in my opinion is to communicate, to start a conversation.

Conversation is to keep company with, or to move together. In contemporary times, the art being created is the companion of time. My view is to see the Contemporary art as companion of time. Something that helps time to move forward by moving forward with it.

Target Audience :

  • People who are curious about performing a form of storytelling
  • People already skilled, but afraid of trying something new with their skills


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  • Hi! that’s amazing. I am working on the very similar line . I am Dancer turned designer turned writer. I would love to know more. Get in touch if possible.

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